Best Mic for YouTube in India Reviews

Do you want to start a YouTube channel but don’t know what microphone to buy? Or maybe you’ve been using the same old mic for years and it’s time for an upgrade.

In either case, this blog post is for you! I will be discussing about 10 best mic for YouTube in India, based on my personal experience.

Best Mic for YouTube 2023

#1 Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

This microphone is my number one pick. The Blue Snowball iCE which is a small, portable condenser microphone from Blue Microphones brand which is owned by Logitech.

During my use I found the audio quality of this mic is incredible. If you’re looking to take your system on Twitch or YouTube videos to the next level with high quality sound, then look no further than the Blue Snowball iCE.

This is a plug and play mic that allows you to record directly into your Windows or Mac computer through USB without installing any drivers.

It comes with an adjustable stand so you’ll be able to modify the angle of the mic. This is great for streamers who need to record different angles for their videos.

The Snowball iCE features a cardioid pickup pattern, which focuses on picking up the sound source directly in front of the mic, this is different from a bidirectional or omnidirectional pattern, which is more suited to recording interviews with two sources in front of the mic.

But, with a cardioid pattern, you’ll get professional sound quality that focuses on your voice and removes background noise from your system.

This mic comes in two colour variants White and Black and has a frequency response of 40 – 18 kHz and Sample/word Rate: 44.1 kHz/16 bit.

Talking about warranty of course it has one year warranty and weight only 0.46g.This microphone can be used for a variety of purposes. It works great for online chatting programs such as Skype, Google Meet, Zoom as well as for recording YouTube videos
The Snowball iCE is one of the best microphones for YouTube in India. If you’re looking to improve your audio quality and take your recordings to the next level, this is a solid choice with consistently high reviews from consumers.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone by Logitech

Second, in my list is another USB microphone by Logitech known as The Blue Yeti which is the most popular microphone that is used by YouTubers in India.

This product can be used to record for podcasts, gaming, streaming, music, or even as an everyday computer microphone and also without installing any drivers.

The Blue Yeti’s sound quality allows it to pick up clear audio from its multiple pickup patterns and frequency ranges. It also features a mute button on the front, gain controls on the back, and an LED indicator to let you know when it’s recording.

Talking about compatibility you can easily use this microphone on any computer running Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS 10.6 and up, iOS 7 and up(with lighting cable), or Android 4.0 and up (with USB On-The-Go cable)

Inside the package, you get a stand that can be adjusted for maximum comfort, a desktop tripod with rubber feet, and a storage pouch.

Using this product you can listen to what you’re recording in real-time, and allow zero-latency monitoring.

The Blue Yeti microphone can capture sound in either a cardioid (with the option of switching to bi-directional or omnidirectional), stereo, or bidirectional pattern. The frequency response of the Blue Yeti is listed as20Hz – 20kHz, +/- 2dB.

For people looking for echo cancellation options – Yeti automatically tunes itself to remove echoes caused by the acoustics of your room.

The Blue Yeti comes in five different colours. The silver, black, midnight blue, state, and white and seriously these colours make it a nice addition to your home office or work desk.

This is an amazing mic for YouTube and has a two years warranty from the date of purchase. However, it is quite pricey and will be better suited for people who want a higher quality microphone.

Fifine T669 Condenser USB Microphone

Fifine T669 Condenser USB Microphone

Third in my list is the Fifine T669 Condenser USB Microphone which is a great mic for YouTubers.

It comes with scissor arm stands, a dual layer pop filter, shock mount holder, tripod stand, pivot mount, foam cover, and a 9.84 inch USB cable.

In terms of the sound quality, you’ll get a great deal for your money here as it’s capable of picking up vocals and other sounds from across the room.

Talking about its design,The Fidine T669 Condenser USB Microphone Kit is apoint-and-shoot device and very easy to use.

It does not require any installation and works right out of the box. All youhave to do is plug it into your audio device, switch it on and start recordingwhatever you’d like from across the room.

The microphone comes with a -10dB option as well as a headphone jackwhich allows you to monitor what you are recording.

It also comes with a special mute button which allows users to quicklyeliminate any background noise or sounds that could hinder the user’svocal experience before it starts.

The special technology used in this microphone is capable of eliminating background noise and other unwanted sounds which makes it ideal for YouTube recording meetings, seminars, or even concerts which may have some background chatter or noise that could come through your audio device.

The only downside to the Fifi ne T669 Condenser USB Microphone Kit is that it does not have a very strong buffer. This can make it difficult to capture faster sounds or movements especially if you are using the microphone while conducting an interview. The cardioid design however allows for abetter recording experience and reduces interference from other sources.

Overall, this microphone has been designed for entry-level level use, making it a great option for those looking to improve upon their video or audio recordings.

AKG P120 High Performance Microphone

The AKG P120 is a low mass diaphragm condenser microphone with extremely linear frequency response, tailored for acoustic instruments and percussion which can be used in both studio and live applications like Zoom, YouTube, Google Meet and comes with two years warranty.

The outstanding features of the P120 are its smooth frequency response,low self noise and high SPL capability, this makes it an excellent all purposemicrophone.

Its high maximum SPL capability of 147 dB SPL enables it to record very dynamic instruments such as drums and guitar amplifiers.

The extremely flat frequency response from 40 Hz to 20 kHz makes the P120a perfect compliment for adding warmth and depth to digital recordings that have become sterile due to over compression or signal processing.

The body is all metal with black matte fi nish that nicely matches AKG’s C 4small-diaphragm condenser mic. (The P120 was designed to work with the C1000S power supply/preamp).

So, what’s the catch? Well, the P120 is not designed to take abuse; it can’t handle high sound-pressure levels and it’s wired with a very thin cable that’s easy to kink and damage. It also lacks any form of isolation and has no shock mount, so it’s best used inside a plush-lined studio cabinet.

JBL Commercial CSUM10

The JBL Commercial CSUM10 is a high quality USB microphone built to capture professional recording.

The CSUM10 has a very minimal, compact design that makes it easy to place on a table top or attach to a standard-size microphone stand. The mic is about the size of your phone and weighs just under one pound; it’s also black with dark grey accents and an elongated flat front for maximum sound projection.

If you’re looking for an affordable set-up that is easy to use and delivers excellent sound quality, though, this mic is a great pick.

JBL CSUM10 doesn’t require any extra software to use, making it ideal for recording on Windows-based computers or Macs. Simply connect the microphone to your computer with the included USB cable and you’re ready to start recording – no frills or complications necessary.

One of the main selling points on this mic is its ability to deliver excellent sound quality. The CSUM10 has a cardioid polar pattern that can reduce surrounding noise and give you clear, precise, and detailed audio recordings.

Speaking about connection, this microphone has a USB and head phone jack, giving you several options for connecting the mic to your devices.

CSUM10 delivers crisp, clear audio that is perfect for most online video applications such as Skype ,Zoom or YouTube. The mic records at 44.1KHz –96KHz sample rate., which is higher than most consumer-grade mics and helps ensure top-notch sound quality in your recordings.

If you’re looking for an affordable USB microphone with two years warranty to record high-quality audio, the JBL Commercial CSUM10 is a great choice.

Fifine K669B Metal USB Microphone

This microphone is an entry-level microphone that has a lot of different uses.

The perfect use is for streaming on YouTube because it makes the quality of your videos clear and crisp. It can also be used for voice chat, video calls and even Skype or Zoom.

Fifi ne k669B is very small which allows it to not take up much space on your desk. It’s about 10 inches long so it’s easily hidden or just out of the way when you’re trying to game or work on other stuff.

When using this microphone with live streaming, your audience will be able to hear your voice clearly and cleanly.

The great thing about this microphone is that it’s small, but very powerful. It’s sensitive enough to pick up all of the sounds in the room you’re streaming from as well as your voice.

A lot of other cheaper mics (which we tested before) usually had issues with noise, feedback or echo even when we were using a pop filter. But we found no issues with this one.

This microphone comes with the USB cable you need to plug it in and start streaming.

The only special thing that this mic needs is drivers to run properly. After downloading the driver (which is provided by Fifi ne) it worked perfectly.

The buttons are also easy to use. You have your power button which changes between off , muted and on with a red light letting you know which one it’s on.

You have a mute button which lets you quickly turn off the sound that goes to your computer. This is very convenient if you need to talk with someone, or take a quick break without having to stop streaming or playing games.

You also have an adjustable knob for the input volume so you can make sure whoever is talking is heard loud and clear.

The black finish on the microphone is also nice. It doesn’t look cheap at all, it actually looks like a professional microphone that would cost much more than what you’ll pay for this one.

On this product has got more than 18,500 reviews and we think this microphone will serve the needs of a lot of people. If you’re looking for something that will work well without spending much, then the Fifi neK669B is perfect for you!

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