10 Best Guitar Brands in India Reviews

Are you looking for the best guitar brands in India? Why worry, there are thousands of best guitar brands in India for Beginners. The guitar is not just a musical instrument but more than that. It’s a way to express your undefined love to your loved ones by gifting them. Once you keep in touch with your favorite guitar, we promise it’ll never leave you for years. However, for this, you need to buy an excellent quality guitar from the best guitar brands.

There are unlimited guitar brands right now operating worldwide and so claim to offer the best quality products at the fantastic rates. However, it could be challenging to find the right one product for you. Therefore, you need to know about the background of each guitar to have a better idea which will suit your needs. This way you can buy effectively and can get an escape from the trap of words of mouth.

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So today in this article, we’ll share the best brands in India for the guitar to help you find a perfect choice for you.

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Best Guitars by the Best Guitar Brands in India

As we aforementioned that before going to buy any guitar you need to learn about the best brands and their backgrounds. So for your convenience, we have gathered a list of top guitar brands. So, continue reading the article and get deep inside the best guitar brands in India you should know.

Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar, Natural

top 10 best guitar brands in indiaYamaha is a famous Japanese Company that offers a wide range of musical instruments. The best thing about this brand is its budget friendly for the beginners and intermediate level players. So it’s actually a perfect choice for people with a low budget and for those who are looking for an excellent product.  If you’re an acoustic player, this product is for you.

We’ve Yamaha F10 with 6 strings and in natural wood manufacturing.  It’s a build-up of Selecttonewooden which helps in offering great performance. The addition of wood offers a great sound balance with improved projection. However, the upper portion of Guitar has a neat top, a Meranti back fingerboard, and a bridge made up of Rosewood. The neck of Yamaha F10 is of Nato. The fingerboard of this guitar is quite narrower makes it a perfect choice for everyone. The great feature that attracts most of the people is the wooden body.

Protective and decorative Finishing!

It provides a tremendous decorative finishing which enhances its style. For keeping the guitar in good condition it’s necessary to have a thin finishing if the finishing would be thick, it’ll easily dampen the woods vibrations and surely the sound would not be enjoyable.


  • Yamaha F10 offers an excellent sound in such price
  • It has great finishing allows free vibration
  • Thinner sides and back allows a greater volume
  • Budget-Friendly and affordable product
  • It’s highly suitable for beginners

So why wait for more? Yamaha is the best brand for musical instruments and has this great guitar product for those who to take start as a PRO.

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Martin 11GBPC 6-String Right Hand Acoustic Travel Guitar

Are you looking for an exceptional and easy to carry acoustic guitar? Martin 11GBPC 6-String Right-hand guitar would be the right choice. This fantastic guitar is an excellent choice for an exceptional tone. It comes with a smooth neck for great playability. Martin 11GBPC comes with a solid Spruce Top with a solid wood body, so surely this is the perfect choice for those who love Spruce top guitar.

Moreover, it offers lightness and extremely maximum resonation. The best thing about this product is its lean body which makes it a good journey and easy to carry the guitar. The length of Martin 11GPC is 234-Inch scale and so cut down to 15 frets which makes it an easy to carry and lightweight.

The strings of Martin is great and produce mesmerizing sound. The sound is amazingly phenomenal. One word for this guitar is its fingerpicking. The physical appearance of this guitar is folks like and surely a magical in the way it projects.


  • This is super travel guitar which is lightweight and durable
  • It’s easy to tune and perfectly played
  • You can take it to the small places
  • This guitar works like heaven
  • The price would be a bit high, but surely good thing costs you.

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Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar – Black

When you look at first glance, the material’s quality speaks louder. The Seagull S6 has a pressure-tested solid cedar top which offers you great tone.

An amazing domestic wild cherry back and sides offer great tone when it comes to great guitar. It offers smooth playability which offers excellent tone produced by the company is superb. Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar has a cedar top. This amazing product comes in great durability and demands more care from harmful conditions. Seagull is manufactured in Canada and offers great quality. To get the most bright and vibrant sounds, this is the guitar for getting clarity. It comes with quality saddle and nut to provide an improved tone. The benefit of the thick neck and small head is it’s easy to tune and so offer stability. You can consider Seagull S6 Acoustic is a perfect choice for the beginners as its shape is quick to adapt and you can learn the ropes without any problems and frustration.


Surely this is a product that you wouldn’t regret paying for. If you’re looking for the best guitar brands in India, then Seagull is a great brand.


  • It offers rich sound, and great tone and volume
  • Offers good feel to players
  • It stays in tune consistency
  • Seagull S6 is pressure-tested and comes in good material.

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Donner DAG-1C Beginner Acoustic Guitar Full Size, 41 Cutaway Guitar

Are you a skilled guitarist or a musician? If so, then Donner DAG-1C Beginner Acoustic Guitar is what you need. With its huge body and locking, cut-away body offers bold sound. The spruce top with scalloped bracing enhances the overall appearance of the product. The sides of the guitar are laminated mahogany. The neck of the Donner DAG-1C provides a smooth and great feel, which made it easy for playing. This is a perfect and all-in-one acoustic guitar which offer value for money. DAG-1C offers an amazingly warm and vibrant sound that you can handle at an affordable price.

As a beginner, you can practice on it without any problem because it has all the features that a beginner guitarist need in a practicing guitar. Now it’s time to enjoy playing guitar! With amazing chrome hardware, the neck of this superb product offers a great feel for playing. The smooth stain finishing maximizes its resonance. Donner DAG-1C beginner acoustic guitar is imported in the US and so manufacture with great care and precision.


  • It offers a larger body for easier chords.
  • Comes with the massive kit which everything you need
  • Cutaway appearance makes it a perfect product to flaunt in the crowd.

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Oscar Schmidt OG1-A-U 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitar – Natural


Do you need a semi-master guitar? Oscar Schmidt OG1-A-U is a perfect choice. This is one of the most beautiful acoustic guitars which has manufactured for offering maximum playability. With the super gloss-finishing, the natural look increase the overall appearance of the product. Oscar Schmidt OG1-A-U is made up of a tech-rosewood fretboard which makes it simple to play, easy to carry and makes it a lightweight.  The product is pressure-free tested. Now you need not spend a lot of money on buying other product. Just go for it if you need a product which offers a value for money. It’s highly budget-friendly and bangs in the buck.

Why not buy this product? Oscar is a perfect brand offering great products in India. So stop you’re searching for the best guitar for beginners in India.

However, you need to take care a lot for it to save it from harmful environments. The wood of this product tends to sensitive to extreme weather conditions such as cold and heat.


  • A perfect choice for the children and students and those with smaller hands.
  • Price justifies its quality!

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Taylor Baby Taylor Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Natural

Taylor Baby guitar is an impeccable choice to meet the standard for the travel guitar market; it’s the great musical companion. Baby Taylor Mahogany acoustic guitar is a compact 3 quarter sized dreadnought guitar, allow the players to play it anywhere, anytime with no problem. Do you have kids who love to travel with their guitars? This is the product specially designed for this purpose. Taylor baby is made up of mahogany for the top and layered Sapele on the body and its side.

The best feature of this guitar is it’s quite louder than compared to its mini size. The tone that comes out is quite bright and cut through all the loud places easily. In simple words, it offers the great quality of travel guitar for both experts and the intermediate level guitarists.


  • Great sounds in such a small size
  • You can travel with it easily

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Fender 961705021 Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Natural)

Do you need another cheap and high-quality electric acoustic guitar? Then Fender 961705021 Acoustic-Electric Guitar is your ultimate choice to ready to rock the stage. With the amplifier, you can get the quality sound. Whether do you want to play without an amp or with an amplifier; you can get the same sound quality. So surely, it can be a perfect choice for the musicians. With its single-cutaway body, it’s easy to carry and gives warm sound from a solid mahogany top. There are millions of other products in the market which comes with weak neck and broke out quickly, but when Fender acoustic-electric guitar comes in the game, it offers sturdy stop and so gives extreme super comfort when playing chords.

If you need a beautiful, elegant and professional guitar for the outdoor experience, with excellent sound quality, then this what you need to buy. This is extremely lightweight and gives an awesome look at first sight.

A perfect acoustic guitar is good enough to carry through expert and intermediate level playing.


  • The wooden look gives a shiny and aesthetic look to the guitar
  • Works well for the beginners for expert playing
  • Need to take care of it from extreme weather conditions. Wooden tends to be rough with time.
  • This Fender acoustic guitar is an extremely genuine product out from the US. 

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Fender CT-60S Acoustic Guitar – Travel Body Style – Black Finish

What else do you need if you can have a compactly sized guitar with a low-action setup? Yes, we’re talking about Fender CT-60S Acoustic Guitar. This beautifully designed product demands for more care. The volume, the precision quality it offers in both plugged and unplugged performances is worth seeing. You can have jam sessions at your friend’s place as the compact size of this guitar makes it an immaculate product to carry along with on the road as well.

This black beauty loads with a solid spruce top, which makes it super easy to handle. Along with that, laminated mahogany for the backs and its side makes it more appealing with rosewood fingerboard.


  • The classic design makes it elegant
  • Perfect choice for traveling with it
  • Good product for all age people

So why not to give a try to this beautiful product? With a great price and amazing features, this guitar is what you need to flaunt in front of others. When you purchase it, you get the other accessories along with it.

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Taylor GS Mini-e Koa

 Are you looking for a perfect small-sized koa wooden guitar? Taylor GS Mini-e Koa is you need!

Its solid body with amazing koa layer on back and side makes it an impeccable choice. The strings are smooth to play with and are visually stunning. The award-winning Original GS Mini was designed to give an ultimate design for the musicians. Taylor GS Mini-e is inspired by that products and so on mini scales never skim on sound. It comes with tons of mesmerizing tones and is a comfortable product to be with you on travel. It also gives an impressive sound on high-end frequencies with 23.5 inches scale length. So surely, this one is a modern days’ guitar. The hardwood of GS Mini-E Koa producing mind-blowing natural compression. The extra top-end shimmer is what increases the beauty to the next level.


  • Offers more durability
  • Amazing looking wooden guitar for the travelers
  • Wide-ranging tones and excellent sounding

Buy On Amazon

Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Are you looking for an iconic and campfire guitar to be with you on travel? What else could be more recommended than Martin LXM Little Acoustic Guitar! Yes, comes in the best guitars for the beginners. This guitar is actually pretty cool and quite easy to carry along. One of the main reasons for its huge sale is the tone probably which has made it so popular among the audience. The top back of Martin LXM is spruce and high-pressure laminate as well the sides. The sound it offers is much better than the other guitars come in this price range. However, if you compare it with the dreadnought full-body guitars, then it lacks there. Anyhow, it’s a well-known brand for selling top-quality guitars for decades.  If you love playing bluegrass and country style music, we recommend you this product. It’s quite sturdy and recommends for the kids and beginners.

Martin is definitely not a type of brand which you associated with the affordability. Anyhow, there is a reason for that, and that’s the quality of this instrument. The company is not ready to compromise on quality over quantity. However, if you want to buy a guitar for roads and traveling, then this is the one from the best guitar brands in India for beginners.


  • A fantastic travel guitar for the beginners
  • The quality of the product and the sound it gives justifies its cost.


So these are some of the best guitar brands in India. Stop searching if you’re looking for the best and affordable guitars in India. The products mentioned above are highly recommended according to their level of precision and prices as well.  We have thoroughly researched and then gathered these products for you. It’s always recommended to check the product review before making any purchase so you can have a perfect choice of guitar for you.

Till now we’ve discussed the products which are good regarding their features and compatibility with the atmosphere. Thousands of people search daily on how to choose the best guitars or tips for choosing a guitar. Well, we’ve made this problem easy for them.

How to choose the best Guitar?

Here are the key features necessary for selecting the best guitar for you or your loved ones. It’s always necessary to buy a product which justifies price, size and other factors as well. So below are the few factors you may need to keep in mind while choosing the best guitar.

Remember to choose the only guitar easy to play, offer great precision, accuracy in tuning and much more. Most of the products in the market don’t offer quality and playability. So it’s better to eliminate tension of poorly constructed instrument and go for the right one.

  • Choose the guitar that interests you more:

Always go with your interest than anything. Most of the time people ready to buy an inexpensive product and later after regretting their decision. For instance, if you need an electric guitar and buy an acoustic guitar, then surely your buying proved as a failure for you. Because without interest you can’t play well. Just because you were getting the product at a low price that doesn’t mean this is what you need. So it’s really important to figure out your interest and work on it.

The reason is not all products require same technical approach. No two guitars can give the same sound. If you’re a master at playing acoustic guitar, we guarantee you those techniques will not work for playing an electric guitar. The chord, scales and the notes of the guitars look same but in reality these are not. So always choose a kind of guitar you’re most interested in playing at your comfort.

  • Choose the size of the guitar:

There are many best guitar brands in India for beginners which offer various products in various sizes. So it’s become crucial to choose the right size for you. A guitar which is too long or too short can affect your performance. It’s necessary for your shoulder and arm to reach over the guitar so that you can perform more comfortably without pain. When you choose a mix fit for you, its most probably make it even more difficult for your muscles to stretch in the right direction and so for the fingers on the fingerboard. A small sized guitar for children and a full-sized guitar for adults.

  • Avoid fewer prices when it comes to quality!

Never go for the products which available at low prices and commercial for good sounds. For instance, if a guitar package valued at $400 and selling is only $59 after discounts, then surely you don’t need to go for such products. The difference between the selling price and the value is too great. Even if you buy the product above, it’ll be worth but not worth buying, so you need to work on this factor as well.

  • Don’t fall for Big Brands!

Well, that’s the major factor that plays a role while purchasing your favorite guitar. Never fall for the big brands in comparison to minor brand names. The reason is what you get from big brands is the price of quality and over-pricing due to their professional level. But for smaller brand names the overall product price is of the instrument. Big brand specialty is higher priced. In the end, you end up paying extra for a brand name while the quality of product purchase at the local market and from brand could be the same. A brand name never guarantees you better quality.

  • Choose a guitar according to color and finishing!

Visual appearance also matters! When it comes to buying a guitar, with the sound you need to focus on appeals as well. It motivates you to play and practice even more. If a product is not visually appealing, then it can lessen the interest of the guitarist and can affect the performance as well.

For a quick review, we have ready bullet points for our audience to follow more easily.

Here are some of the factors you should always follow before making any purchase.

  • Tuning machines you buy should operate smoothly.
  • The neck joint should feel secure and safe.
  • The string weight should be low at the nut area above the first fret.
  • The wooden bridge should be strongly glued with the body.

These are some properties that can help you aware of more about the quality, tuning and other factors. Are you aware of the different types of guitars? If not, then here is a list of different types of guitars that you need to know.

Are you curious about what types of guitars are available nowadays? Here’s is an overview of different types of guitars. Generally, there are 3 types of guitars:

  • Acoustic
  • Electric and
  • Brass

Anyhow, there are some fantastic variations within those group of some people categorized as different types of a guitar. Let’s have a look what of these:

  1. Acoustic Guitar:

The no.1 in our list if the acoustic guitars. These guitars have hollow bodies which help to amplify the sounds of the strings acoustically. Most of the acoustic guitars are made up of wood, usually contains 6 strings and looks appealing.

Body sizes and shapes

Here is another factor regarding acoustic guitars which is body size and shape. These guitars come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some of them come in a symmetrical shape while others in cut-away style to give more area for the arm to access to the higher fret. However, when we talk about the bodies, then Dreadnoughts and Jumbos are the two larger bodies which produce banging sound. Moreover, these are also two body shapes which give a more articulate tone; parlour, and auditorium. E

2. Electro-acoustic Guitar

There come electro-acoustic guitars which contain a pickup to connect the amp to make it a bit more loudly. The only difference that makes acoustic and electro-acoustic different is the use of the amp. You can plug into an amplifier and also PA system. These guitars are ideal if you want to play live. With these guitars, you don’t need to faff around for putting mics in front of your beautiful guitar.

3. Semi-Acoustic Guitar

The semi-acoustic guitar is a mixture, or we can say a middle-ground between two powerful types electric guitars and acoustic guitars. These are thin, and compact body guitars and have hollow bodies just like the way acoustic guitars contain. Because of their lean body, don’t offer louder sound when unplugged just like acoustic.  However, this product is an ideal choice for those who love versatility. This product is not for that guitarist who looks for a fully electric or full acoustic guitar to play.

4.Electric Guitars

Unlike the types mentioned above, electric guitars contain solid bodies and so give very less sound as compared to the other two types.

So paying electric guitar, you need an amp as well so that you can have a loud sound. These electric guitars come in various shapes and sizes and usually made up of wood with super strong 6 strings. These come in 12 strings also for more professional use.

Electric guitars are a perfect choice for the players who want a more powerful sound or want a great choice for a great sound. The choice is unlimited when it comes to sounds and tunes.

5.Bass Guitars

Another famous type of guitars is the bass guitars. These come in a lot of color variations and surely a perfect product for earth-shaking performances. Bass guitars contain 4 strings and are big and offer a quite thick and deep sound.

Bass guitars have solid bodies and so are acoustic and semi-acoustic basses available. These also come in 5-6 strings which allow a wider sound ranges. If you have a band work with the drummer to form a great rhythm section, then surely electric brass guitars are what you need.

This is surely not for the people who love playing solos and look for sophisticated playing.

These are some of the types of great guitars. We hope you like our review and tips for guitars. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. We’d love to listen from you!


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